Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Industry-Leading Legal Services

01 Real Estate Litigation

Gottlieb Law is known for our
expert representation for all types of
Arizona real estate litigation.

02 Real Estate Transactions

Our firm assists with commercial and
residential real estate

03 Business Law

Our attorneys represent businesses of all sizes with common and complex legal matters in Arizona from formation, contracts, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and business sales.

04 Estate Planning

Our firm helps individuals with all types of family and estate planning from wills to establishing and operating trusts.

05 Informal Probates

Our experienced attorneys can assist with informal probates for individuals and families wishing to keep their probate process outside the courts.

06 Probate Law

Our firm represents individuals and families dealing with the probate process.

Real Estate Law

Arizona’s leading legal representation for real estate litigation and transactions.

Business Law

Assisting business owners and operators with all types of business planning, litigation, contracts, negotiations, settlements and more.

Probate Law

Expert estate planning and
probate administration in

Get The Best Representation Available

Gottlieb Law provides our clients with industry-leading legal representation to protect your most important loved ones, assets, and investments. Our determination to deliver results for our clients gives you an edge in any important legal matter.

Our attorneys have a track record of success in real estate litigation, real estate transactions, business law, estate planning, informal probates, business representation of estates, probate law, contract law, and more.

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